"Don’t call me ‘Radio,’ Unit 91." "Don’t call me ‘Unit 91,’ Radio."

Our friends at the American Broadcasting Company have regionalized tomorrow’s game, and that regionalization doesn’t include my couch. Unless I get another another reprieve, I’ll be turning my fate over to internet radio, Tom Hudson, and the dulcet tones of Rick Fox Richard Fox.
Way back in November, I tagged this a top-fiver. So far, that list is turning into a real winner, huh? Eastern…blowout. Texas…blowout. Virginia…don’t want to talk about it. Who knows what I am thinking half the time. I mean, I did bet on the fight in Rocky III…and I bet against Rocky. Maybe this game turns out to be close, but I don’t see it (as the whole world yells, “Hey! Guy Who’s Always Wrong! Shut it!”). A driven Gonzaga team leans with it, rocks with it, and generally gets down like that.


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  1. No doubt I will have a video call online with my buddy’s webcam pointed at his TV in Seattle so that I can watch the game. And in case you were wondering, yes, I will be naked. I mean, what else are webcams for?


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